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Who We Are


The Canadian Osteopathic Medical Student Association is a collective of Osteopathic medical students from Canada who hope to return to Canada to practice. Our mission is to help current and potential US Osteopathic medical students pursue their dream of practicing Osteopathic medicine in Canada by helping students to navigate the requirements and processes, by educating organizations involved with medical education and health care in Canada, and by advocating on all our members' behalf when collective barriers are encountered.


By providing support and guidance to current and potential Canadian Osteopathic medical students interested in practicing in Canada, outlining requirements and processes, educating key organizations in Canada, and working to remove barriers, we hope to strengthen the practice and philosophy of Osteopathic Medicine throughout Canada. A health care environment in which MDs and DOs can train and practice alongside one another without difficulty is the ideal goal and a vision that would truly benefit the nation.


To provide support and guidance to current U.S. Osteopathic medical students interested in pursuing post-graduate training and/or practice rights in Canada.

To inform and educate organizations in Canada involved in medical education about Osteopathic medicine and its equivalence to Allopathic medicine.

To remove barriers to Canadians wishing to pursue an Osteopathic medical education in the U.S.

To inform and educate Canadian undergraduate students about the option of Osteopathic Medicine.

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