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COMSA is the only organization strictly representing Canadian citizens studying an osteopathic medical school, although this is not the only benefit of becoming involved with COMSA. We recognize that getting into medical school is very hard, but what may be arguably even harder is performing well on the COMLEX and USMLE Step I medical licensing examinations. For this reason, COMSA has partnered with Firecracker to provide members withan amazing resource for Step I prep at a signifcantly discounted rate. COMSA members receive over 60% off their Firecracker subscription. If you are unsure if Firecracker is right for you, please read below.

For those ready to purchase Firecracker at COMSA's discounted rate, click


COMSA Partners with Firecracker - Information for COMSA Members

COMSA has recently partnered with Firecracker to make Firecracker’s COMLEX / USMLE / Clerkship preparation tool available to COMSA members.


Firecracker is an online tool that is designed to help medical students - in particular osteopathic medical students - prepare for their classes, wards and boards. When students join, Firecracker creates a personalized study plan based on their upcoming board exam, test date, goal score, and class-work-to-date. The plan will then serve a calculated number of flashcards to users everyday - this daily plan will be recalibrated as users answer questions and cover more topics. The plan is designed to have students prepared to meet their goal-score by the time the test date arrives.


For the period right before board exams - the period called “dedicated prep” - Firecracker has a unique question bank with over 2000 clinical vignettes as well as seven different practice exams. We’ll be sending out more information about using Firecracker for dedicated prep in the next few weeks.


We’ve been gathering data on Firecracker’s efficacy for the past 2 years. Students who use Firecracker regularly in the months leading up their USMLE Step 1 exam scored 12 points higher than their non-Firecracker peers:




And students who use Firecracker regularly before their COMLEX exam scored almost 60 points higher than their non-Firecracker peers:



You can read the details of this study HERE.


All students receive a free trial of Firecracker when they sign up. Click HERE for a free trial.

COMSA members get a significant discount on Firecracker - more than 60% off the regular price:







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