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Welcome to COMSA, the official site for the Canadian Osteopathic Medical Student Association, a group of Canadian Osteopathic medical student leaders dedicated to spreading knowledge of osteopathic medicine at home and abroad. If you are interested in becoming a Canadian Osteopathic medical student in the US, or if you are interested in practicing in Canada as a DO, then this site is for you! If you are a current Canadian DO, PLEASE CLICK HERE!

You will find information on gaining admission to Osteopathic medical schools, the realities of returning to Canada after you complete your training, a supportive community of current Canadian Osteopathic medical student doctors, information about Osteopathic medical colleges, and more. Coming to the United States for your medical education is one of the most important decisions of your life. It comes with serious responsibilities, but also incredible potential; have fun exploring the site as you decide if this path is for you.

For current student doctors, you'll be happy to know this site will provide information on the legislative action COMSA are taking to help make sure all Osteopathic physicians who wish to return to Canada may do so quickly and easily following residency or graduation. We work closely with the Canadian Osteopathic Association to make sure the voices of future Canadian Doctors of Osteopathic medicine are heard loud and clear, and to ensure that our desire to help the underserved in Canada is strongly conveyed. Please get in touch if you are interested in helping with the cause.

Be sure to register to get full use of the site, including clearance to use the forums. This site is still under construction. Please forward any questions you may have to Thank you.


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J1 UPDATE (from the horse's mouth)

COMSA have been contacted by Health Canada to set the record straight on a couple issues pertaining to the J1 visa and Statements of Need in particular:

November Seminars - McMaster, Guelph, Ryerson

COMSA will be hosting three seminars this November, two of which will be hosted by our most recent graduates to successfully match through CaRMS. Definitely not something to miss if you're interested in medical school and osteopathic medicine!

Seminar U Waterloo 04.10.2014

If you're in the area, don't miss this fall's U Waterloo seminar on Wednesday October 4 2014! This seminar has had a good turnout in the past and is a great opportunity to meet current and prospective DO students. Come out and get your questions answered! See you there.


With the new changes to the MCC, many if not most Canadian DO students are switching gears and planning to pursue ACGME residency positions when they graduate. Attending an ACGME residency program requires a work visa, and the easiest visa you can get is the J1.


As you know, gaining access to medical education in Canada is extremely competitive. This is also true for Canadian graduate medical education.


UWaterloo and GPA conversion

(There was some kind of error showing when I posted this before, so I'm just posting again here)

Hey guys, so I'd like to apply in June 2016 and I'm worried about my marks.

UWaterloo and GPA scales - really confused

Hey guys, so I'd like to apply in June 2016 and I'm worried about my marks.

Graduate GPA-counted?

Hi everyone,

My BSc GPA is 2.85 but my graduate school GPA is 3.8. I was wondering which DO schools actually count Graduate school GPA for admissions.


OMM in Canada

I am curious if anyone actually practices OMM in Canada or if DOs are mostly practicing as MDs here.
I'm guessing in order to practice OMM you would have to bill the client directly??

Clinical Volunteering

I have 200+ hours of shadowing in a hospital, but no clinical volunteering. Will this hurt my chances?

What kinds of clinical volunteering did others do? I am trying to organize something but need some help brainstorming ideas since hospitals have huge waiting lists.

- Kinase

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